LUG EUROPA has , from 10 years of working alongside rescue service providers, developed a wide range of standard equipment for the needs of firefighters, emergency physicians and rescue workers. Our products are recognised for their reliability, toughness in the field and ergonomic design. We develop custom-made solutions for all specific requirements.  [Discover]

Travelling maintenance technicians move their tools and PPE from place to place. When out in the field, they need reliable, versatile baggage that is ergonomically designed. We have developed a standard technician’s bag for carrying tools and PPE. We develop customised solutions for other requirements. [Discover]

With the benefit of our 20 years’ experience of collaborating with the French Postal Service, we have developed a wide product range: mail sorting bags, delivery bags, bicycle or scooter carrier packs, manual and electric delivery trolleys. We design customised solutions for specific requirements. [Discover]

We offer a standard range of luggage for airline, railway and shipping company agents. As every profession has its specific requirements with regard to travelling, we offer adapted carriage solutions: luggage on wheels, back-carrying devices and even ergonomic belts. We design customized solutions for specific requirements. [Discover]

Products range dedicated to the food delivery (meals, pizzas, food shopping, etc.). We develop bags, cases and trolleys especially designed to carry food, hot or cold. We particulary take care of the ergonomic for the delivery man comfort.   [Discover]

The manufacture and the head office of LUG EUROPA are together in the same industry in Britanny. This organisation ensure the good communication between the different departments. The company’s workshop and the head office are based in Brittany. Our industrial organisation allows us to respond to all sorts of demands: prototypes, small volume, intermediary volume and high volume....[more info]
The quality of our products is assured by the professional-grade materials and components selected, all of which are tested in-house at our testing laboratory, and afterwards in the field. The fabric, chains, handles, braces, straps and wheels are put to the test in order to assure you... [more info]