LUG EUROPA is an expert in the design and manufacture of custom-made products such as bags, carrier packs for vehicles, trolleys, etc. We have built up our expertise so as to provide qualitative, ergonomically-designed carrying solutions.

  • We respond to invitations to tender for the creation of ranges of baggage based on recommended specifications. In so doing we have become baggage suppliers for the French postal service, the SNCF, UGAP (the French central purchasing authority), ERDF (French electricity distribution network), etc.
  • We develop customised products according to the individual requests of our clients. A feasibility study is presented and we then move forward with the design process. The clients are involved in the design process and give their confirmation at each phase up to the manufacturing stage (see the process for creating a product).
  • We also work with manufacturers to incorporate more functionality into their products: slipcases for fragile devices, ergonomic customised carrier packs for manufacturers of delivery vehicles, etc. We bring our expertise in order to make the product more relevant within its market.

A dedicated team

Our integrated engineering and design department comprises a designer, a technician and prototype specialists working to provide you with dependable, ergonomic, designed-for-comfort baggage solutions.

Our manual and electric trolleys have been integrated with posts for creating structures (mechanical, composite, welding) and designing motorised (electronic) parts.


Sac à matériel Pompiers de Bruxelles

Medical bag for Bruxelles fire-fighters

Housse propaq Lt

Carrying bag for medical monitoring Propaq Lt

Housse pour système d'éclairage mobile

Carrying bag for mobile lighting system

sac sans zip

Medical bag with opening without zip and work plan

Contenant arrière scooter BPOST

Back container for scooter

Contenant Avant et Arrière La POSTE pour scooter

Pack of containers for scooter


Publicity and postal delivery foldable trolley

Chariot large sécurisé

High capacity trolley

Contenant arrière scooter BPOST

Connection and carrying bag for ventilation

Customization by logo printing

Thanks to our silkscreen and transfer printing workshops, we are able to place your company logo on the products.