Our industrial means

The manufacture and the head office of TOP BAGAGE INTERNATIONAL are together in the same industry in Britanny. This organization ensures the good communication between the different departments.


The company’s workshop and the head office are based in Brittany. Our industrial organization allows us to respond to all sorts of demands: prototypes, small volume, intermediary volume and high volume.
The main fabrication workshop in France insures a European reactivity as well as a highly efficient customer service.

Montauban-de-Bretagne manufacture

We have designed it modern and at the cutting edge of technology : digital cloth cutting machine, rigid material cutting by water jet, sewing workshop containing about 30 sewing machines (with several robot machines) rigid workshop, etc.


Thanks to our 900m² of stocks in Montauban-de-Bretagne, we answer to the needs of buffer storage and logistic.


Since 2000, TOP BAGAGE INTERNATIONAL has maintained a good business relationship with its contractual suppliers (1600 people). They insure quality under our control and responsibility.
Besides, our sourcing department is daily in relationship with our European and Asian subcontractors and suppliers.
According to our defined rules based on our «quality rules» document, we evaluate each supplier and subcontractor in terms of product quality and service performance.
The fact that we have our own quality approach that we impose to our subcontractors and the fact that we are also developers and manufacturers help us manage all the process perfectly. (more info about our quality commitments).


Our research and development department

Our Research & Development Department is made up of a team of designers, engineers, technicians and prototype makers.
Our approach is based on a real research of relevant solutions to issues related either to the customer’s requirements or to our internal reflection.

The research and development department has a dedicated space with two sewing work stations, a mechanic and composite work station, a electronical post station, a complete computer equipment and softwares. It can also use the machines of the workshop. 

The R&D department has to design our standard ranges, to be source of proposals and to answer to the custom-made requests (more info about made-to-measure products). It also tests the reliability of our components, our manufactured luggage thanks to the test laboratory (more info about our laboratory).