Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE
Station HYGIE

Station HYGIE

Outil indispensable pour les magasins, salles de spectacles, musées, lieux publics pouvant accueillir de grands groupes de visiteurs.

La Station HYGIE permet d’accueillir vos équipes et les visiteurs en mettant en libre-service le nécessaire pour les gestes barrières et en les informant sur les mesures sanitaires.

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An indispensable tool!

An indispensable tool for shops, theatres, museums and all public spaces used by large groups of visitors.

The HYGIE Station is ideal for safely welcoming your employees and guests, supplying all barrier safety equipment required on a self-service basis, and providing information about safety measures in place.


The HYGIE Station can provide your guests with prior notification of any health/safety measures in force on your premises, while supplying all equipment required to implement those measures.

  1. Mask supply point & 3 x 50 disposable masks

  2. Glove supply point & 50 pairs of ambidextrous disposable gloves

  3. Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser holder & 1 x 500ml hydroalcoholic gel

  4. Signage / display panels supplied:
    - 2 green arrows
    - 2 no-entry signs

  5. Information panels: can hold 2 x A3 sheets.
    - A3 “barrier safety measure” document supplied


Indicate desired visit flow through to exit.


  1. Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser holder & 1 x 500 ml hydroalcoholic gel

  2. Rubbish bin / storage for used protective equipment

  3. Information panels, can hold 2 x A4 documents.

  4. Storage compartment, which can be secured with a padlock

  5. Padlock supplied

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